The Test Your Website Challenge

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A website has 15 seconds to impress a user before they close your website and go elsewhere! That’s 15 seconds for you to sell them a life changing product, solve a problem or simple read an article. So today, a very wet and rainy day in New South Wales, I have a challenge for you…
Test your website as if you were the customer/ reader, YES from start to finish, including making a purchase, using a contact form or signing up for a class.

Why do I need to test my website?

Simple – you could be putting off heaps of customers with a user unfriendly website!

When testing your own website, ask yourself:  questions:

  • Was it easy to use and navigate?
  • Did it load quickly?
  • Could you find what you were looking for
  • Does your home page easily take you through to make a purchase
  • Do your contact forms actually work?
  • Are there way too many fields in your checkout process?
  • Is your email address and phone number hyperlinked?
Now follow the same process on your mobile.
If something on your website could be improved, get in touch. I specialise in optimising the journey and experience of WordPress Websites and would love to help you convert your visitors to customers.

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