Optimise Your Ecommerce Store For Success

With so many more stores moving their business online, it is now more critical than ever to make sure your ecommerce store is optimised to convert website visitors to customers. Here are just a few top tips to help you get the most from your online store.

Cross selling to existing customers is key

You have already done the hard work to get that visitor to your website, and your product is so good that they have already added it to their cart – make sure you don’t miss the quick win here of cross promotion. Even if they don’t go ahead with their original product purchase, giving them other recommendations is a great way to keep them on your website and not your competitors.

Mobile usability

The mCommerce Index Annual Report shows 72% of Australians shop online on their mobile phones, but only 55% have mobile payments enabled. Not only that, make sure your “Add-to-cart and checkout buttons are large and obvious.

Website speed.

If your website is too slow to load, customers will simply shop elsewhere, use tools like Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights to test your website.

Badly written, inaccurate or incomplete product descriptions

Their are enough badly written product descriptions out there is enough to curl your toes. Put yourself in the customers shoes and what they would need to know. Sizes, uses, cleaning, what does it actually do and make it a no-brainer for them to click “add-to-cart”.

Check your checkout process

Test your own checkout process, do the options make sense, are you wasting your customer’s time by asking unnecessary questions, is it clunky, and finally ask yourself if you would buy from you.

Product and brand reviews

With so much competition out there, displaying positive product reviews on your website is a great way to cement a positive decision to purchase in the buyers mind. If you are using WordPress, a plugin like WP Review Slider, which can import your reviews from other websites like Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor etc.

Highlight your unique selling point

Answer the question as to why your customer should buy from you. Do you offer free shipping, free returns, 25% discount off your first purchase, customer service that goes the extra mile, a free mango – any of these should be front and centre on the top of your website, to be seen on each and every page.

Customer retention strategy

Finally, Have you got a strategy to bring existing customers back to you? That customer has gone through your purchase cycle and is already interested in you, so make sure you do your best to retain them for future purchases. Get them on an email list and send regular specials, reward them with 25% off their next purchase, engage them on socials and ask them for feedback on their experience. Their word of mouth could help your business enormously. There are so many more ways to optimise your ecommerce store, keep an eye on my blog for more great tips.

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