Five things you can do now to grow your business in 2022

2022 feels like the year of change and I am feeling pretty excited about it!

The key is setting yourself up correctly, making processes shorter and easier and giving yourself the freedom to focus on growth. So here are 5 things you can do to start that process:

Post On Your Social Media Channels

Let your customers, past and future, know you are still there and still want to solve their business problems. Does this have to be a witty Shakespeare-inspired, profound, best ever piece of writing? No, it most certainly does not – simply remind your customers of how you can help them! Oh and don’t forget to post on your Google My Business – it’s great for SEO!

ask for reviews

Implement an automated process right now asking your previous customers for a review. Add your review links (think Facebook and Google My Business) to your thank you emails, add it your invoicing email or marketing emails, it could go anywhere in your existing processes.


If you really don’t have a way to automate this, email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Mailerlite can easily automate this for you – say a week after a customer orders through your site.

While on the topic of reviews, make sure you respond to the reviewer – thank them for taking the time to leave a review and say something personal about their review. Always apologise for any negative experience and let them know how you will rectify that in the future.

Check Your Website On A Mobile

In most industries, somewhere around 80% of users only browse the internet on a mobile. Is your website letting you down but not being responsive?

Call To Action

Have a look at your social media and your website – do you have a clear message of what a potential customer should do if they want to get hold of you? I see so many websites with loads of information, which just ends – no “get in touch”, “fill in the form below” or call me now or telling me, as your customer what to do.

Check The Content On Third-Party Websites

Sometimes listings on Yellow Pages, Yelp, localsearch and Google My Business were set up so long ago that the copy isn’t relevant or the services listed aren’t what you offer anymore. Make sure your business description and services are consistent and up-to-date with your current service offerings.

I hope this helps get your 2022 off with a bang! As always, I am happy to help with any of the above or any website and digital marketing enquiries. Contact me here.

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